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a) PMR in the brain...
can make the whole world sound insane.
b) IntroductionWelcome to PlasticMeltdown Records... Feel free to browse the site and hit us up with any questions, comments or requests that you may have. Take into account that we are constantly updating, so please come back to us so you can keep up with all our continual musical adventures... Enjoy.

c) Pre-Meltdown

....1978 to 1983
PlasticMeltdown Records was originally founded under the name “sinisterdub” within the City of Huntington Beach during the year 1978. sinisterdub was hammer stamped on every bootleg cassette mix we ever dished out at the time. We formed out of a societal need of an era that begged to be captured and documented.

d) sinisterdub

....Late 1970's
Back in the day, friends and I would race around to practices and live shows with makeshift audio, video, and photography equipment trying to capture the moments of the rebellious era at hand…occasionally booking time at some of the various studios of the day, working with the local talents of the time.

e) Fostex X-15

....1983 to 1991
Then in 1983 Fostex released the X-15 four track, cassette recorder changing the recording industry forever. The ability to make inexpensive home based recordings with overdubs was unheard of at the time and this was no doubt the beginning of the demise as well as the birth of many professional studios and record labels world wide. Now anyone can have a label if they wanted…including myself… and so officially enters PlasticMeltdown Records.

f) sinisterdub

....Early 1980's
Shortly after the purchase of the X-15 we started whoring ourselves out by charging people to record their demos. This went on for about a year, until we realized that most musicians are difficult to work with and never satisfied. It always seemed that the people we wanted to work with did not have the money to pay for a demo.

g) Tascam Portastudio 488

....1991 to 1994
Money soon became secondary to the actual act of creating, producing, and working with talented friends. Money actually only got in the way of PlasticMeltdown’s true goal... We wanted to work with only the people that we wanted to work with, and record the music that we wanted to listen to, and do it the way we wanted to do it! In other words, we wanted to have a say in the music and we wanted to be able to "bitch slap" during the sessions if we had to. Hell, it's all friends here anyways!

h) sinisterdub

....Early 1990's
.....At the controls behind the Tascam 488 8-track Portastudio during the early 1990's.
i) Akai MG1214

...1993 to current
In 1985 we packed up and moved to San Clemente to dig some new roots. We dubbed ourselves “the poor mans studio” and basically completely stopped charging for time. Sometimes we would barter for sunglasses, wetsuits, surfboards, skateboards and clothes when we dealt with people whom had those connections. Other times, we would ask for involvement and/or donations of time & tracks to our Singer & Player Projects. Yet... for the most part we only asked for common courtesy, respect and reimbursement for supplies.

j) sinisterdub

...Mid 1990's
.....At the controls behind the Akai MG1214 12-track workstation during the mid 1990's.
k) Dual MG1214's
....linked with
....Adam/Smith Zeta Three

The key at PlasticMeltdown was... the easier it was working with you, the more longevity you would have partnering with us. It was all about having a good time, working with talented people and developing good friendships along the way. We never had an attitude, and we sure never claimed to be no state of the art, professional huge production facility. I mean, we have always been “Micky Mouse” at best... but there is something about recording at PlasticMeltdown (other than it being free) that makes people feel comfortable and that is what we have worked hard to achieve.

l) sinisterdub

....Late 1990's
.....At the controls behind two linked Akai MG1214 24-track workstations during the late 1990's.
m) Korg D32XD

.....2005 to Current
We have worked with some great talented people over the years as reflected within the pages of this site… unfortunately, as usual… when history is documented, people get left out, names get forgotten, pictures get lost, and people come and go from the Meltdown family… Our true apologies to those who have fallen into this group and our true appreciation to anyone out there who assists in correcting, validating, and/or providing useful accurate information to us about this site.

n) Korg D3200

....2007 to Current
Our equiptment has changed over the years, but our philosophy has not...So sit back, relax and enjoy yourself... your at the next best thing aside from actually being here.
o) sinisterdub.....Feel free to contact us anytime at
p) Current set uproom one
q) Current set uproom two
r) Current set upanalog room three
s) sinisterdubStick around and enjoy the site.
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