d) groups: jesus crysler

a) Introduction
In the late 80's, after "Inspiration Undergound" disbanded, PlasticMeltdown, Jeff Popenhagen, Josh McKendry and other top notch studio "Singers & Players" took advantage of the studio down time by performing and recording many free jams called "Inspiration Jams". It was during this time that Jeff and Josh met up with Casey Czapski, Danny Hagen, and Josh Paskowitz. Together they formed the band Jesus Crysler, one of the best under rated bands to come out of the Orange County music scene.

JesusLovesYou.mp3a1)Free Download"Jesus Loves You" - Jesus Crysler
a2) "Jesus Loves You"
.......WD Woodcock
b) Circa 1980'sJeff Popenhagen = Bass
c) Circa 1980'sJosh McKendry = Lead & Rhythm Guitar
d) Circa 1980'sDanny Hagen = Lead & Rhythm Guitar. It is our understanding that Danny has gone on to be a big time producer. Much Respect!
e) Circa 1980'sCasey Czapski = Drums & Percussions
f) Circa 1980'sJosh Paskowitz = Vocals
g) Josh, Josh, Casey & Jeff
....Circa late 80's
The original artwork of the CD "Big Dog" with the original band members including, but released after the departing of Danny.
ComeOn3.mp3g1) Free Download"Come On" - Jesus Crysler
g2) "Come On"
.......WD Woodcock
DubOn.mp3g3) Free Download"Dub On" - Jesus Crysler in Dub (SD mix)
h) The original "Big Dog" CD
1)Big Dog
2)Jesus Loves You
7)Come On (alt)
8)Come On

You3.mp3h1) Free Download"You" - Jesus Crysler
h2) "You"
.......A WD Woodcock
Mercury.mp3h3) Free Download"Mercury" - Jesus Crysler
i) Circa 1980'sJosh, Josh, Casey, and Danny in the studio.
j) Circa 1980'sJeff and Casey in the studio.
k) Circa 1980'sDanny & Josh in the studio.
l) Circa 1980'sTypical Crysler in the studio.... much love.
Autumn.mp3l1) Free Download"Autumn" - Jesus Crysler
la) Continuum
All was good, but then disaster struck. For some reason (which slips my mind) Casey had to leave the band. Though he left on good terms, it seemed a detrimental blow to the band. Yet, out of nowhere came Tony "Hey-Toneee" (not sure of his last name). What a shock, as we knew Tony from his community service served down on the beach. I mean... we knew he could clean a mean public restroom, but drums for Jesus Crysler? Surprisingly... though he seemed a bit out of place, he steped right in and very competently held down a crucially tight back beat. Tony was the man who saved Crysler! So the new line up was as follows:

BigDog1.mp3la1) Free Download"Big Dog" - Jesus Crysler
lb) Circa early 90'sTony = Drums
lc) Circa early 90'sJeff Popenhagen (with the love of a dog) = Bass
ld) Circa early 90'sJosh McKendry sole guitar duties.
le) Circa early 90'sJosh Paskowitz = Vocals
Gangster2.mp3le1) Free Download"Gangster" - Jesus Crysler
lf) The second CD "Jesus Loves You"
3)Big Dog
6)Jesus Loves You
7)Come On

Power1.mp3lf1) Free Download"Power" - Jesus Crysler
DubPower.mp3lf2) Free Download"Dub Power" - Jesus Crysler in dub (SD mix)
lg) Circa 1990'sCrysler inside the studio.
lh) Circa 1990'sCrysler outside the studio.
li) Circa 1990'sCrysler sunset.
Misplaced1.mp3li1) Free Download"Misplaced" - Jesus Crysler
lj) Jeff Popenhagen...and the love of a dog. Jeff and his beloved dogs puppies that he had to show the world.
m) Continuum
and what a sunset it the mid 1990's alot of studio work was done, live shows were played and recorded... Casey came back into town and wrote a few songs.... in other words... a lot transpired, but the final Jesus Crysler sunset came to be when Josh Paskowitz was asked to join "The Fly's" and he performed his final "Goodbye" song to the rest of the band. Another detrimental hit. Was this to be Jesus Crysler's last incarnation?

GoodBye1.mp3m1) Free Download"Goodbye" - Jesus Crysler
n) Continuum
Hell No!!! Although there was a long lull between the band and PMR, partially because there was no band for awhile. Jeff would occasionally come in and work his magic on "Singer & Player" projects as well as "First Take" projects, but he, like Josh McKendry soon would wed and fall into the family life. Josh Paskowitz would hit the guys up to work every so often and a few other recordings were made in other studios, but it just was not the same. Then in 1999 after a few years with no communications, Josh McKendry came to us with a new Jesus Crysler. The new line included:

Bridge4.mp3n1) Free Download"Bridge" - Jesus Crysler
na) Circa late 90'sJosh McKendry = Lead & Rhythm Guitar
nb) Circa late 90'sJeff Popenhagen = Bass
nc) Circa late 90'sCarey Hayes = Lead & Rhythm Guitar
nd) Circa late 90'sBernie Sanchez = Drums & Percussions
ne) Circa late 90'sCara Maku = Vocals
Day52.mp3ne1) Free Download"Day 5" - Jesus Crysler
Day5-Alt.mp3ne2) Free Download"Dub Day 5" - Jesus Crysler in dub (SD mix)
nf) The third CD "Day 5"
4)It Says
5)It Says(alt)
6)El Ray
7)El Ray(alt)

ItSays2.mp3nf1) Free Download"It Says" - Jesus Crysler
ItSays-Alt.mp3nf2) Free Download"Alt It Says" - Jesus Crysler in dub (SD mix)
ng) Circa late 90'sJosh tuning Jeff watching.
nh) Circa late 90'sJeff (dumb) and Cara.
ni) Circa late 90'sThe gang in the studio.
nj) Circa late 90'sHappy Josh.
nk) Circa late 90'sJosh & Jeff PS2 Tekken break in the studio.
nl) Circa late 90'sAnother gang shot in the studio.
nm) Circa late 90'sJosh & Carey showing off the gold
nn) Circa late 90'sBernie workin his magic.
ElRey2.mp3nn1) Free Download"El Rey" - Jesus Crysler
no) Joshua McKendrygettin down... and gettin tangled during a Jesus Crysler session.
o) Finis (for now)
Well, for now... Jesus Crysler has disbanded again, but who knows what the future might bring. If PMR has any luck at all... we could only hope to continue to be involved in any future Jesus Crysler endeavors. At this time Jeff can be found running his business and raising his family. Josh is also raising his family, and continues his production side of the music biz. We would like to leave space open for the next chapter of this story, but close this chapter with the expressed gratitude to all the Jesus Crysler crew and especially Jeff and Josh whom our most admiration goes out to. Much respect and friends for life!

p) Joshua McKendryThough still playing guitar today, Josh has also involved himself so much in the music that he has taken up residency part time at PlasticMeltown as one of our leading production engineers, working on projects for "The Licks" as well as the Joe Mama Project "Be Careful What You Dream".
q) Special Thanx
To all the JC crew...especially Mr. Joshua McKendry for all his hard work in the studio and for his permission & authorization of this page.
ra) Set One:

Jesus Crysler

Twenty Four Years, Ten Months, Two Weeks, and Three Days, Later...
rb) Set Two:

Jesus Crysler

Twenty Four Years, Ten Months, Two Weeks, and Three Days, Later...