d) michael bannister (rip)

a) Michael Bannister Rest In Peace my brother.
b) Well what does one say?We’ve known and worked with Michael in the studio for over 25 years and it was always a pleasure having him around laying tracks. We will always remember the 1980’s and 1990’s when he and Greg Berg, Johnny Sage, Francine Forese, sinisterdub and the rest of the Fever Gang would be “tracking” at PlasticMeltdown, or filming in Venice, or playing live in LA, or sending masters back and forth from Greg Berg’s First Take Studios. Those were the days.
b1) A Fever Production
......Michael Bannister
......Goofing off
c) Michael in VeniceBelow is the song "Rivers Flow" recorded at PlasticMeltdown back in the early 1980's. The song was recorded on an old Fostex 4-track cassette recorder. Though the production is rough, it shines because Michael takes the lead vocal seat. Written and performed by Greg Berg and Michael Bannister....enjoy!
RivFlow.mp3d) Free Download"Rivers Flow" - Greg Berg & Michael Bannister
e) BackstageMichael trying to get into his dressing room at a show in LA.
f) BackstageMichael now locked out of his dressing room.
fa) A Fever Production
.....Open Air Nightclub
.....Live Venice Boardwalk
g) Michael posingMichael was such a nice guy and so easy to work with... he would alway donate his outtakes to PlasticMeltdowns own Singers & Players. Michael always had respect for us as we always had for him.
h) Sunset StripMichael could play the shit out of just a snare... seen here live on the Sunset Strip with "Up For Grabs" opening up for the Ron Wood art showing.
i) The best of friends
...and the best of times.
Below is the song "Congratulations" also recorded at PMR in the early 1980's and sung by Michael. The song was written by the Rolling Stones and adapted by Greg Berg and Michael Bannister...enjoy!
Congrad.mp3j) Free Download"Congratulations" - Greg Berg & Michael Bannister
k) Peter Case
....speaking of Michael
"Michael Bannister 1950-2008"

"My old friend, drummer Michael Bannister, was found dead by police this weekend, sitting in his van in the mountains near the Jerome, Arizona area. Michael had suffered from years of untreated severe depression. He was destitute and homeless at the time."

"Michael had just moved back to Arizona after a few months visit back to LA this summer. I saw him several times out here, and on one occasion met his son Story, and visited with them both for awhile. His death is a great tragedy for the people he's left behind, that's for sure. I can hardly believe the news, yet I know it's true. My prayers are with you, and your family, Mike. You'll be missed."

"He was like a brother to me, with all that can entail."

"See you later, man."

Thank you for your kind words Peter!
l) The Fever CrewHangin' in Venice CA mid 1980's
l1) A Fever Production
.....Michael Banister
m) More FeverVenice CA
ma) Fever ProductionBelow is yet another song that was recorded at PlasticMeltdown back in the early 1980's on the old Fostex 4-track cassette recorder. Once again, the production is rough, but it was only during this time that Michael took the lead vocal seat. Written and performed by Greg Berg and Michael Bannister....enjoy!
Top40Radio.mp3mb) Free Download"Top 40 Radio" - Greg Berg & Michael Bannister
n) Johnnie Sage
.....Michael Bannister
.....Greg Berg
Playin the Ron Wood art opening in Hollywood
o) Michael & Greg BergBackstage at a club in LA
p) Street SmartJammin' live Venice boardwalk CA
pa) A Fever Production
......Open Air Night Club
......Live 1988
q) The Gutter Twinsdoin what they do best
r1) Dennis Roger ReedIn homage to Michael, singer/songwriter and PlasticMeltdown recording artist Dennis Roger Reed dug through our back catalogs of Michael’s songs and chose the song “Sleepin’ on the floor” (below) to cover and pay his respects. Originally recorded at PMR during the late 1980’s this song was written by Michael Bannister and Greg Berg... enjoy!
01SleepinOnTheFloor22.mp3s) Free Download"Sleepin on the floor" - Greg Berg & Michael Bannister

Artist: Dennis Roger Reed
s2) A Fever Production
......"Cemetary Blues"
t) Michael at
I will never forget this day... A couple years back, Greg Berg flew Michael in from Arizona so he could lay drum tracks on six songs. It was only moment after arrival that he was thrown behind the set... No worries for Michael though. He was a pro, and once behind the set... he got the job done.
ta) Michael at
Another photo, same day
tb) Michael at
Michael about a year later back to visit.
u) Michael & Greg BergThey were inseparatable throughout the 1980's and a good part of the 1990's... Greg Berg was also there during Michael's last few days on earth. Greg was trying to help Michael find work, and was trying to be there for Michael's support. Greg was there helping Michael load his van when he just left back to Arizona...You have to remember that Greg Berg is currently going through his own tribulations of "cleaning up" and making a living. I know that deep down, Michael's actions has killed off a portion of my brother Greg. I can see it in his eyes. he didnt deserve this...None of us did.
v) The Fever Gang home
....Cheering up Michael
va) Pirate everyone wants to hear the original Sleepin' on the floor...
Sleepinonthefloor.mp3vb) Free Download"Sleepin on the floor" - Greg Berg & Michael Bannister
w) Story & MichaelFunny how a picture can say a thousand words, and bring about a thousand emotions when telling a sad story. This picture speaks for itself.
wa) More info...Below is some information that was posted on Llory McDonald's site back when Michael was playing drums for her. For obvious reasons she had to remove the information to keep up with the current band. We hope she does'nt get upset that we reposted the information here at PMR in memory of Michael... Enjoy!
wb) Michael BannisterSolid Drummer, Percussionist, Recording Artist, & BMI Songwriter...
wc) Recording Credits:Back in the U.S.A. ~ The Viceroys (Sounds Interesting Records)
Back to the Front ~ Bobby Neuwirth (Goldcastle Records)
Peter Case Sings Like Hell ~ Peter Case (Vanguard Records)
Blue Guitar Album ~ Peter Case (Geffen Records)
Burning Sky Album ~ Burning Sky (Canyon Records)
Blood of the Land ~ Burning Sky (Canyon Records)
Creation ~ Burning Sky (Canyon Records)
Enter the Earth ~ Burning Sky (Ryko Disc Records)
American B Sides ~ Stephen Ashbrook (Ruka Records)
Hang On for Life ~ 4 Wheels Down (E&G Music)
wd) Career Highlights:-Canadian & European festival tours with Peter Case
-Verde Valley Music Festival ~ Burning Sky
-NBC Today Show ~ Burning Sky Live
-Presidential Inaugural Ball ~ 1997
-Acoustic Cafe Radio Show ~ James McMurtry
-1997 Olympics ~ Atlanta, Georgia Festival
-Member of National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences
we) People Performed With:The Novas, The Primitives, Boston Harbor, Red White & Blues Band, Pig Nation, Family Pride, T.Gosney Thornton, Christine Lakeland, the Dyna Flows, The Desires, The Viceroys, The Plimsouls, Eli Hall Band, Diamond Joe Siddons, Randy Banks, Lucinda Williams, James McMurtry, Up For Grabs, Open Air Nightclub, Gene Williams, Greg Berg, Luxury for Less, The Brothers, Bill Lynch & Juke Logan, Burning Sky, Peter Case, Gene Butler Band, Tony Gilkyson, The Shades, The Jaguars, Mark Insley, Gurf Morlix, Bobby Neuwirth, Clive Taylor & The Straight Lines, Crawfish Wranglers, Smokey Wilson, Big Fun, Street Smart, Rose Ann Fontana, Kathy & The Kilowatts, Slo Cotton, Purple Hearts, Died Black Hair, Killer Crows, B.W. Stevenson, Saddle Tramps, Leslie Anderson, Dale Garret, Rich Minus, Blue Z, Stephen Ashbrook, 4 Wheels Down, Michelle Shocked and others…
x) More Videos...Below are some other videos out there that other people have posted...enjoy!
x1) Michael & Friends
......The Decadent Jews
x2) Michael with...
......Roxanne Fontana
......He Does The Look
x3) Michael with...
......Burning Sky
x4) Michael with...
......Llory McDonald
......and Combo Deluxe
......Piece of My Heart
x5) Michael with...
......Llory McDonald
......and Combo Deluxe
......Teenage Wasteland
x6) Michael with...
......Llory McDonald
......Guitar solo
x7) Just Bannister
x8) Just Bannister
x9) Mockingbird Session