f) blue mama:
~~ saturday night suburbia

a) "Saturday Night Suburbia"Released in 1997, Saturday Night Suburbia encompasses the original Blue Mama during a much younger heyday. Their first attempt at working together in the studio produces such hits as: "TV Girls", "Blue to Blue", and "Girl in a Red Dress".

This darling is loaded with 19 songs that are guaranteed look good on your bookshelf or in your i-pod.

***Special thanks to Waverly Reed for art and cover designs.
c) Original front coverwith liner notes
d) Original back coverwith liner notes
e) Original rear j-cardwith liner notes
01NeverThoughtIdFall.MP3f) Never Thought I'd Fall
02BlueToBlue.MP3g) Blue to Blue
03GirlInARedDress.MP3h) Girl In a Red Dress
04Exodust.MP3i) Exodust
05SouthernLight.MP3j) Southern Light
06CountinOnYou.MP3k) Countin' On You
07GoinDancin.MP3l) Goin' Dancin'
08TVGirls.MP3m) TV Girls
09ItOnlyHurts.MP3n) It Only Hurts
10DingDongDaddy.MP3o) Ding Dong Daddy
11SmokyReverie.MP3p) Smokey Reverie
12MackenzieBreaks.MP3q)) Mackenzie Breaks
13TonightTonight.MP3r) Tonight Tonight
14TryinTheBlues.MP3s) Tryin' The Blues
15PeterPaulRubens.MP3t) Peter Paul Rubens
16ADifferentBrenda.MP3u) A Different Brenda
17OnlyInMyDreams.MP3v) Only In My Dreams
18WhosBeenPissingInTheBeer.MP3w) Pissing In The Beer
19SaturdayNightSuburbia[hiddentrack].MP3x) Saturday Night Suburbia
21LittleWhiteMoon[bonustrack].MP3y) Little White Moon
y) Physical CD?
Blue Mama: Saturday Night Suburbia
z) Ding Dong Daddy
z) Review...Check out the Los Angeles Times Mike Boehm... Saturday Night Suburbia 8-30-97 Review