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Dub Ride

Check out the dub to "I Had To Ride"... ruthless!
01BangBang(acidmix).mp3Bang Bang (acid mix)Also known as "the never ending mix" Dennis Roger Reed at his eerie very best.
BangBang.mp3Bang Bang (straight up mix)Dennis Roger Reed singing over Mr Strange's haunting guitar. Straight up era piece.
01beautifulgirl(powermix).mp3Beautiful Girl (power mix)Craig "Joe" Lehr - Recorded in Pennsylvania and Washington = Mixed at PMR. (c) 2019 Enjoy!
HaveYouMadeAnyNewBombsToday.mp3Bombs (accustic mix)Dennis Roger Reed version of the Lee Hazlewood song "Have You Made Any New Bombs Today".

Check out the full production video version... Bombs YouTube Video
Bombs(final).mp3Bombs (final mix)An amazing song, and Dennis Roger Reed shines bright on this production. Written by Lee Hazlewood, check out the video production by sinisterdub on YouTube here
calidreamin.mp3Cali Dreamin'Our first great collaborator that we met up here in Sequim, MrE has proven his talents! One of our great dear friends that we met along the way!
calidreamin(alt).mp3Cali Dreamin' (alt)An alternative version to the original parody "Presidential Dreamin"
CorrinaCorrina(outtake).mp3Corrina Corrina (outtake)Marty McPhee on lead vocals... A song recorded for the new Suitcase Johnnie cd currently (2015) under production. This song was dropped from the project. DRR decided to change the lyrics and make it another song, so this version has joined this outcast family page.
VirginCorrina(novocalruffmix).mp3Corrina Corrina (virgin)A rough mix that sounded to good to scrap... here is a little sampler tease of the upcoming "Suitcase Johnnie" project currently under production at PMR.
Crossroads(stripped).mp3Crossroads (stripped)Finally got Don Reed back in the studio and that's a feat! Here is a little rough sniplet of a smokin hot night of guitars. Don is always worth the wait... Check for Dennis Roger Reed's new CD out in the near future. Enjoy!
Cry2.mp3CryWhat can we say.... Dennis Roger Reed creeps us out again with his rendition of JJ Cale's "Crying". Check it!
fridayschild(tributeversion).mp3Fridays Child (tribute Mix)Fridays Child - Singers and Players Lee Hazlewood tribute version - In memory of the greatest musical mind to bless the earth... Rest in peace my brother! another blasphemy mix
FridaysChild(DRRBlasphamy).mp3Friday's Child
(DRR Blasphamy Loop Mix)
OK, so Dennis Roger Reed is getting tired of doing Lee Hazlewood songs! WTF!.... Hey, its all about making your engineer/producer happy right? Dont you worry...there will me more, much more. In the mean time...enjoy the new song. Dennis Roger Reed sings "Friday's Child".
fridayschild(singersandplayers).mp3Fridays Child
(Singers & Players)
The real version... Check it!

Greg Berg =
Keyboards and Bass
sinisterdub =
Dennis Roger Reed =
GiveInToLove.mp3Give Into Love (acid mix)Richard Lappins alt version to a song on his new CD out very soon!
GiveItaBreak(Cadillac).mp3Give It A Break!
Cadillac McPhee
Sound-clash! Sound-clash! You’re in for a thrill. It’s a night of lyrical performance boxing… In this corner we have the great Suitcase Johnnie himself … Marty “Cadillac” McPhee singing a song by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins “Give It a Break” … Backing him tonight we have Greg Berg on Bass, Phil Hawkins on Drums, Don Reed on guitars and of course Marty on Vocals and Harp… Enjoy! Be sure and listen to the competitor Joe Mama’s rendition to complete the sound-clash.
GiveItaBreak(JoeMama).mp3Give It A Break!
Joe Mama
Sound-clash! Sound-clash! Here we are again. It’s another night of lyrical performance boxing… In this corner we have the great Joe Mama singing the same (different mix) song by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins “Give It a Break”… Backing him tonight we have Greg Berg on Bass, Phil Hawkins on Drums, Don (Van Halen) Reed on guitars, Marty McPhee on Harp and of course Joe Mama on Vocals … Enjoy! Be sure and listen to the competitor Marty McPhee's rendition to complete the sound-clash.
HeartsDuppyFire.mp3Hearts on Duppy FireThe alternate version to a song off of the up comming Dennis Roger Reed project. In this version we let Don Reed shine. What a great guitar player he is! Enjoy!
IGotYou(IFeelGood)1.mp3I Got You (I Feel Good)
sinisterdub once again backed by the best in the biz!
accusticride(alt).mp3I Had to Ride (acoustic)One of the best (if not THE best) song(s) ever written by the master himself... Dennis Roger Reed. Look for the full version on his "Before It Was Before" release this summer 2018 wherever fine music is sold. Oh, and check the dub... Dub Ride!
IDRatherBeYourEnemy2.mp3I'd Rather Be Your here is the full "Crazy Horse" version by none other than the great Dennis Roger Reed.
IdRatherBeYourEnemy1.mp3I'd Rather Be Your Enemy
The Dennis Roger Reed alternate version of the Lee Hazlewood song. The full band version will be included in DRR's new project currently under construction here at PMR. Stay Tuned.
IfNotForYou(outtake).mp3If Not For You (outtake)A song recorded for the new Suitcase Johnnie cd currently (2015) under production. This song was dropped from the project and had nowhere to go.
KansasCity(final).mp3Kansas Citysinisterdub backed by the best in the biz!
lindalu.mp3Linda Lu =
Dennis Roger Reed
Another oldie from the master Dennis Roger Reed
LindaLu(final)1.mp3Linda Lu =
sinisterdub does a bad Tom Waits improv... (is that even possible?)
MaximumSecurity.mp3Maximum Security
Bull Lee mixed by the great John Dissed!
OooLaLa.mp3Ooo-La-LaReptilian Manor - Marty McPhee on lead vocals... One of those songs we cant get right, so free it is.
PearlOfTheQuarter.mp3Pearl of the QuarterKirkland live at the Coach House... Jamey Holbrook lead vocals!
PortraitofaMan(fullkit).mp3Portrait of a ManScreamin' Joe Mama - Great backing track & absolutely phenomenal vocal! Check out the video produced by Jeff Ferrier and sinisterdub if you cant get enough here.
risingsun.mp3Rising SunAnother dark song performed by Craig "Joe" Lehr - Recorded in Pennsylvania = Mixed at PMR. (c)2020 Check out the vocals on this one... Enjoy!
ScarboroughFair.mp3Scarborough Fair
Efrain Villalobos classical brilliance.
Bull Lee mixed by the great John Dissed!
SinceIMetYouBaby.mp3Since I Met You Baby (outtake)Dennis Roger Reed on lead vocals... Another song recorded for the new Suitcase Johnnie cd currently (2015) under production. This song was recorded trying to salvage the "Corrina Corrina" track but once again dropped from the project. Yet another version that has joined this outcast family page.
15thecheat(2).mp3The Cheat (blasphemy mix)Another sinisterdub oldie rendition. This ones pretty good.
TheCuckoo.mp3The CuckooOriginally recorded back in 1994, The Cuckoo has recently been resurrected. Drums, bass and other instrumentation has been added to the two track 1994 original master mix. This is just a taste of things to come in DRR's current project now under construction. Enjoy. Check out the rest of the story at "Reed's Ramblings" / Folk Works/
TulsaTime.mp3Tulsa Time
Country Roots (quick demo)
UpUntilNow.mp3Up Until NowThis track was written and performed by Dennis Roger Reed, and showcases the Jon Kammerer Canis Minor guitar. What an easy guitar to record in the studio! Check out the lead...It can even double as a mandolin!

Check them out at

©Dennis Roger Reed Music BMI 2017
01willtravel.mp3Will TravelAnother messed up oldie from sinisterdub backed by Singers and Players
z) See the videos...and then some!