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a) Welcome to the news at PlasticMeltdown

Here you will be able to keep yourself informed of current projects, happenings, live performance dates, and general information related to PMR. Feel free to send us information you would like posted and be sure to keep checking back for continual updates. Enjoy.

qn) August, 2018PlasticMeltdown Records is proud to announce its last upcoming California release... the forthcoming “Before It Was Before” by Dennis Roger Reed with brother Don Reed.

As with his prior PlasticMeltdown releases, Before It Was Before features some blues, some bluegrass, a little country rock, folk, western swing, a few originals, and a couple of songs you may have heard somewhere in the past. The CD will deliver what was once called a “double album” and provides examples from throughout Reed’s 30 plus year recording career at PlasticMeltdown Records...

Look for it out around early 2019 wherever fine music is sold.
qo) July, 2018PlasticMeltdown Records is saddened to announce the closure of our California based historic recording studios.

During our 33 1/3 year history in San Clemente, California we have recorded and produced numerous local and internationally renowned artists ranging from rock to reggae as well as hillbilly to hip hop. Many very talented friends have availed themselves of the PlasticMeldown magic. Thank you all for the good times!

keep an eye open for our future grand opening up in the great North West... Washington state. Love to all.


qq) September, 2016Marty "Cadillac" McPhee and partner Denis Roger Reed have completed and released their new "Suitcase Johnnie" project entitled "Crazy About A Cadillac". Look for the CD wherever fine music is sold... or download it for free Here. Enjoy!
qr) June, 2014Dennis Roger Reed's official CD release party... "Songs About Tractors and Stuff". Get your free CD for the price of a tip in the tip jar! See Ya There!
zr) May, 2014Dennis Roger Read has release his long awaited and highly anticipated “Songs About Tractors and Stuff” to a yearning audience of “slack-jawed local fans”…. This new release, once again on the PlasticMeltdown Record label, is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Cowboy Blues” also released on the PlasticMeltdown Record label back in 2004. “Songs About Tractors and Stuff” should be hitting the markets as we speak but until then you can obtain a copy by attending one of Dennis’s upcoming shows where a CD can be achieved for the small price of a tip in the tip jar….. Enjoy!

Dennis Roger Reed: Songs About Tractors and Stuff

zs) April, 2013The Decadent Jews have formally officially released their new musical adventure entitled “Blues Beat and Blood” Check for it out soon at all your favorite music vendors worldwide.

“shhhhh... if you promise to tell,... you can get it free Here :)". Tell the world.
zt) February, 2013Listen to our interview previously recorded live on the air on February 13, 2013. The station/podcast is KDHR from the campus of California State University Dominguez Hills. The show is "Making The Record". The DJ is the talented Mr. Joshua McKendry. The subject is the making of Blue Mama's "1...2...3...Go!" It's long, but check it out... Enjoy!
zu) February 2013PlasticMeltdown Basement Sessions is in the works finishing up on the new Decadent Jews release entitled "Blues Beat and Blood" scheduled for March/April 2013. Check back for more information on this project.
zv) February 2013Check out the PMR producers and engineers talking about what they do best...The making of Blue Mama's "1...2...3...Go!". Live interviews with sinisterdub, Dennis Roger Reed, and Joshua McKendry (master of ceremonies) on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 @ 5:30 to 6:30. Check it out at "Making The Record" at Check back for a posted link the archive of the show.
zw) January 2013Well they finally arrived (January 16, 2013) so the “1…2…3…Go!” third Blue Mama release is finally official. Whew, 12 years since the 2001 second Blue Mama “Pacific Street” release. Damn we are all old now! Anyway, you soon will be able to purchase them online if you feel you want to spend money, or you can download it and other PMR CD’s in their entirety here at the web site for FREE! The way music should be. If you want a physical CD and you are local, hit one of us up and we will give it to you! If your not local, then you will have to pay one of the online concessions…. sorry. Just download it from here (Free) (1…2…3…Go!) and save! Enjoy!
zx) March 2012Dennis Roger Reed and Marty McPhee have joined forces again on a new project and tracking of the first song (ooh la la) began in February, 2012. Look for a more "Stonesy" raw feel on this release... keep checking back for updates on this and other projects here at PMR.
zy) March 2012Blue Mama has now finished their 3rd and final CD here at PlasticMeltdown entitled "1..2..3...Go!". Mastering has been complete and artwork is currently being drafted. Looking at a hopeful release date of late 2012. Keep your eye out for this and other realeases soon to come.
zz) March 2012 Dennis Roger Reed has finished his 4th studio album here at PlasticMeltdown entitled "Songs About Tractors & Stuff". We are currently in negociations with mastering...looking at a hopeful late 2012 release. Keep tuned for more information on this and other releases.