f) blue mama:
~~ pacific street

a) "Pacific Street"Released in 2001 and armed with a couple new drummers, Blue Mama’s second 17 + song release depicts the band in their prime. Lots of great special guest artist like: Cindy Mangsen, Steve Gillette, Chris Darrow, Tom Denigan, and John Grube. Cover art by Bill Ogden. Here it is in its entirely… who could ask for more?

***Special thanks to Waverly Reed for artwork and cover designs.
b) Original CD j-cardwith liner notes
c) Inside j-cardwith liner notes
d) Rear j-cardwith liner notes
01Nickels$Dimes.MP3e) Nickels $ Dimes
02CoffeeColoredCadillac.MP3f) Coffee Colored Cadillac
03Hops,Barley&Malts.MP3g) Hops, Barley, & Malts
04DifferentBrenda.MP3h) Different Brenda
05IfWishesWereHorses.MP3i) If Wishes Were Horses
06DontLetYourDealGoDown.MP3j) Dont Let Your Deal
07BrassRailBlues.MP3k) Brass Rail Blues
08GetBack.MP3l) Get Back
09LongLongLadder.MP3m) Long Long Ladder
10BoyCrazy.MP3n) Boy Crazy
11NotTheKindOfGirl.MP3o) Not The Kind of Girl
12FashionIsland.MP3p) Fashion Island
13YouGottaMove.MP3q) You Gotta Move
14DrinkinRyeWhiskey.MP3r) Drinkin' Rye Whiskey
15SaturdayNightSuburbia.MP3s) Saturday Night Suburbia
16Premature.MP3t) Premature
17Goodnight.MP3u) Goodnight
18Nickels$Dimes[hiddentrack].MP3v) Nickels $ Dimes (hidden track)
19PanamaLane(intro)[hiddentrack].MP3w) Panama Lane Intro (hidden track)
x) Physical CD?
Blue Mama: Pacific Street
y) Kansas City