f) blue mama:
~~ outtakes & alts

a) "Outtakes and Alts"Never officially released but here to showcase some of the fun... dont tell anyone you saw it here :)
16AtTheTimeItWasTrue.mp3At The Time It Was True
32BartenderBlues.mp3Bartender Blues (alt mix)
22BoyCrazy.mp3Boy Crazy (rough mix)
07BrassRailBlues1.mp3Brass Rail Blues (drunkard)
31DontLetYourDealGoDown.mp3Deal (rough mix)
12ExODusted.mp3Ex-O-Dusted (booted mix)
24ExODusteD.mp3Ex-O-Dusted (booted mix)
27FashionIsland.mp3Fashion Island (practice mix)
02LongJamInTheGraveYard.mp3Graveyard Jam
25Hops,Barley,&Malt.mp3Hops Barley & Malt (tim mix)
01LongJam.mp3Long Jam
03Mama.mp3Mama (alt sd mix)
11MerryChristmasBaby.mp3Merry Christmas Baby
19NewYorkMemories.mp3New York Memories
09PleaseDontGo.mp3Please Dont Go
10PleaseDontGo.mp3Please Dont Go (sd mix)
28Premature.mp3Premature (practice mix)
26RadioEdit#107.mp3Radio Edit #107
30RadioEdit#128.mp3Radio Edit #128
21RadioEdit#67.mp3Radio Edit #67
06RadioFreeTonightTonight.mp3Radio Free Tonight Tonight
15ReptilianAcid.mp3Reptilian Acid Part 1-4
20ReptilianManor.mp3Reptilian Manor
13RunawayTrain.mp3Runaway Train (sd mix)
14RunawayVersion.mp3Runaway Version (sd mix)
23SaturdayNightSuburbia.mp3Saturday Night Suburbia (rough)
08SleepinOnTheFloor.mp3Sleepin' On The Floor (sd mix)
05TonightTonight.mp3Tonight Tonight (alt)
18TonightTonight.mp3Tonight Tonight (wild man)
17TVGirls.mp3TV Girls (demo)
29YouGottaMove.mp3You Gotta Move (rough mix)