f) blue mama:
~~ 1...2...3...go!

a) "1...2...3...GO!" it is the brand new (2013) Blue Mama "1...2...3...GO!" absolutely FREE! The way it should be you know? If its a physical CD your after...Shop it online or hit up one of the guys if you know them. Enjoy!

***Special thanks to Waverly Reed for art and cover designs.
b) CD itselfArtwork
b) Original cover with backwith liner notes
b) Original inside coverwith liner notes
b) Original rear CD j-cardwith liner notes
01Elizabeth.mp3c) Elizabeth
02AtTheTimeItWasTrue.mp3d) At The Time It Was True
03CrazyOldArmsOfMine.mp3e) Crazy Old Arms Of Mine
04Memphis1.mp3f) Memphis
05RideTheWind.mp3g) Ride The Wind
06MaryMeans.mp3h) Mary Means
07RunawayTrain.mp3i) Runaway Train
08StandingByAMountain.mp3j) Standing By A Mountain
09VictimOfLust.mp3k) Victim Of Lust
10DevilInTheDarkness.mp3l) Devil In The Darkness
11Friction.mp3m) Friction
12BlueTango.mp3n) Blue Tango
13ThatAintNoWayToLie.mp3o) Aint No Way To Lie
14WithoutYou.mp3p) Without You
15LookinForARingDangDo.mp3q) Ring Dang Doo
16Bond.mp3r) Bond
17BeCarefulWhatYouDream.mp3s) Careful What You Dream
18AtTheTimeItWasTrue.mp3t) At The Time It Was True
19Twist&Spin.mp3u) Twist and Spin
20StandingByAMountain.mp3v) Standing By A Mountain
w) "Making The Record"
x) Physical CD?
Blue Mama: 1-2-3-GO!