f) blue mama:
~~ careful what you dream

a) BCWYD"Be Careful What You Dream" was the "1...2...3...Go!" that was never released. It's original intent (as shown here) was to be a "concept album"... The soundtrack/storyline to a play written by Craig Lehr and his mother. The whole thing became a full on trial production. Unfortunately, the final project was canned and this comes down to all that remains... Enjoy!

***Oh...these are the mastered versions btw :)
01RideTheWind.mp3c) Ride The Wind
02Twist&Spin.mp3d) Twist & Spin
03HailToTheChief.mp3e) Hail To The Chief
04EveryonesMyFriend.mp3f) Everyone's My Friend
05CommingToYourTown.mp3g) Comming To Your Town
06ThatAintNoWayToLie.mp3h) That Aint No Way To Lie
07Elizabeth.mp3i) Elizabeth
08VictimOfLust.mp3j) Victim Of Lust
09RunawayTrain.mp3k) Runaway Train
10StandingByAMountain.mp3l) Standing By A Mountain
11AtTheTimeItWasTrue.mp3m) At The Time It Was True
12PleaseDontGo.mp3n) Please Dont Go
13DevilInTheDarkness.mp3o) Devil In The Darkness
14CanITrustYou.mp3p) Can I Trust You
15RollinOutOfThisTown.mp3q) Rolling Out Of This Town
16BeCarefulWhatYouDream.mp3r) BCWYD
17BlueTango.mp3s) Blue Tango
18Pistolo.mp3t) Pistolo
u) The play (rehearsal)