f) dennis roger reed: outtakes & alts

a) Outtakes & AltsJust for fun....dont tell him i posted these! :)
01LiveIntro.mp3c) Intro
02VersionBlue.mp3d) Version Blue
03ColorBluealtmix.mp3e) Color Blue (alt mix)
04DontLieToDub.mp3f) Dont Lie To The Dub
05DuppyOnTheFloor.mp3g) Duppy On The Floor
07JesusSong.mp3h) Jesus Song
08DubShy.mp3i) Dub Shy
09GetOutMyLiferoughmix.mp3j) Get Out My Life (rough)
10NeedYou.mp3k) Need You
11DontLookBackslowmix.mp3l) Dont Look Back (slow mix)
12PleaseDontMakeItEasy.mp3m) Please Dont Make It Easy
13WaverlysTexasSky.mp3n) Waverly's Texas Sky
14KeepRemembering.mp3o) Keep Remembering
15DubHeart.mp3p) Dub Heart
16Bondsdmix.mp3q) Bond (sd mix)
17Manzanita.mp3r) Manzanita (rough)
18LittleWhiteMoon.mp3s) Little White Moon (barn mix)
19Lonesome.mp3t) Lonesome (scratch)
20LivingOnCoastalTime.mp3u) Coastal Time (demo)
21MrLucky.mp3v) Mr. Lucky (booted version)
22SleepingOnTheFloor.mp3w) Sleeping on the Floor
23Instramental.mp3x) Instramental (sloppy version)
24BrutalAsTheTruth.mp3y) Brutal as the Truth (rough)
25MrSpaceman.mp3y1) Mr. Spaceman (country roots)
26SinCity.mp3y2) Sin City (DRR mix)
27StatesboroBlues.mp3y3) Statesboro Blues (rough)
28DontLookBack.mp3y4) Dont Look Back (alt)