d) groups: goldfish

a) Introduction 1Our association with Goldfish developed from being introduced to David Paskowitz in the mid 1980s when producer Harry Gary Kenney brought Dave in to sing leads on some Singer and Player projects we were working on together at the time.
a) Introduction 2Prior to this, we had always been a fan of Daves from seeing him preform live around the County with Johnny Monster. To this day, those were some of the best live shows we have ever seen… I mean Johnny Monster live at the Miramar Theater with go-go dancers hanging from cages… who even compared at that time? To us, Dave was an omni-presence so to have him in our studio was nothing short of an honor.
a) Introduction 3Up until the time Goldfish started laying tracks at PMR, Dave would grace our halls with Harry Gary... occasionally being brought in to sing on a project here and there until 1993 when Dave came to us with the opportunity to record his new band-venture. What else could we do but jump at the chance to collaborate with him on his own new project… and so it goes.
a) Introduction 4In all, our collaboration dubbed The Sink or Swim sessions produced three projects… Roughly 16 full songs between 1993 and 1995.
a) Introduction 5Plus, numerous dubs!
a) Introduction 6The CDs are not available, but thanks to Daves graciousness… the downloads are. These where some fun times and I think that shows in the music… we will let you be the judge.

Without further ado…
b) Session one
....May of 1993
The lineup included (left to right)
Rodney = Bass
Craig = Drums
Marcus = Vocals
Dave = Vocals
c) Session one
....May of 1993
Sandy = Keyboards
d) Session one
....May of 1993
Shelton = Guitars
e) Session one
....May of 1993
Jimmy = Trombone
01thankyou.mp3f1) Session oneThank You
02superstitious.mp3f2) Session oneSuperstitious
03ifeelgood.mp3f3) Session oneI Feel Good
04foxylady.mp3f4) Session oneFoxy Lady
05dontstopbelieving.mp3f5) Session oneDont Stop Believing
g) Session Two
....April of 1994
The lineup included (left to right)
Dave = Vocals
John = Keyboards
Craig = Drums
TJ Quake = Voc
Rodney = Bass
h) Session Two
....April of 1994
Shelton = Guitars
06easeback.mp3i1) Session TwoEase Back
07sinkorswim.mp3i2) Session TwoSink or Swim
08power2difunk.mp3i3) Session TwoMore Power 2 Di Funk
09fishysong.mp3i4) Session TwoThe Fishy Song
10itsalright.mp3i5) Session TwoIts Alright
j) Session Three
...January of 1995
These where pre-recorded master tapes given to us for our touch in the mixing process.
k) Session Three
...January of 1995
The lineup is as good as it gets but we would have to guess.
l) Session Three
...January of 1995
12nightmares.mp3m1) Session ThreeNightmares
14fool2dooya.mp3m2) Session ThreeIm a Fool 2 Doo Ya
15captivation.mp3m3) Session ThreeCaptivation
n) High toned son of a dub!... and then (of course) there are the house dubs!
02dubalitious.mp3o1) DubDubalitious
04ifeeldub.mp3o2) DubI Feel Dub
06rightiousness.mp3o3) DubRighteousNess
09duborswim.mp3o4) DubDub or Swim
11morepwertothedub.mp3o5) DubMore Power 2 Da Dub
12fishydub.mp3o6) DubFishy Dub
13easedub.mp3o7) DubEasy Dub
14dubmares.mp3o8) DubDubmares
15imafool2dubya.mp3o9) DubIm a Foo 2 Dub Ya
16dubdination.mp3p1) DubDubdination
18thankfuldub.mp3p2) DubThankful Dub
Q) We wish to thank all those involved!Good times to say the least... So we gonna leave you with a live track recorded during these sessions... Gotta play the kudos at the beginning!
16sinkorswim{live}.m4ar) Sink or Swim Live!...and to all a goodnight