f) craig joe lehr: the pa sessions

a) The PA SessionsRecorded in Pennsylvania by Joe and mixed with overdubs by sinisterdub at PlasticMeltdown Washington... Enjoy!
b) Craig "Joe" LehrWe are very privileged to be able to showcase the talents of this very talented artist! Here at this page you can keep up with all the current music and videos... a collaboration between PMR and the master Lehr himself... Enjoy!
backinthewind.mp3Back In The WindThis is the brilliant original song that got Joe his own page on this website. Check out the video...
Back In The Wind Video
backinthewind(powermix).mp3Back In The Wind
Power Mix
Same song...rougher edge!
beautifulgirlfinalmix.mp3Beautiful Girl
Bass Mix
Check out the video...
Beautiful Girl Video
beautifulgirl(powermix).mp3Beautiful Girl
Power Mix
Check out the video...
Beautiful Girl Video
courtintheclouds.mp3Court In The CloudsAnother powerful Joe Lehr original (with some helpful Dennis Roger Reed inspiration). Enjoy!
firstdance.mp3First DanceYet another great original song from the man himself... Craig "Joe" Lehr! Check it!
greenriver.mp3Green RiverPer Joe... 'Rough, but not terrible'. One of the PA Session drunkin' stupors.
ishallbereleased.mp3I Shall Be ReleasedYou got to love this... Beautiful!
pusherman.mp3Pusher ManCheck out the video...
Pusher Man Video
reggaebackinthewind.mp3Reggae Back (In The Wind)A Very irie upbeat reggae version of the Craig "Joe" Lehr original "Back In The Wind" Check it out! Cool Runnings...Ites!
risingsun.mp3Rising SunCheck out the video...
Rising Sun Video
tvgirls.mp3TV GirlsAnother great song that was written by Dennis Roger Reed. Check out the video...
TV Girls Video
versionrelease.mp3Version ReleaseImagine this playing to the ending credits of a western... serene!
weddingday.mp3Wedding Daya splendid sentimental song that speaks for itself. Happy Valentines Day!
whippingpost.mp3Whipping Posta smokin' version of this Allman Brothers song... you be the judge!