g) dennis roger reed:
~~ songs about tractors

b) "Songs About Tractors and Stuff"Released in 2014, this baby is creeping up there in age...though the performances hold up to this very day. Another brilliant 17 song release by the man named Dennis Roger Reed... today we give it to you for free!

**Another BIG special thanks goes out to Waverly Reed for her brilliant graphic artistic talents! Enjoy!
c) Original cover/backWith liner notes
d) Original inside coverWith liner notes
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f) CD artworkCD itself
01folsomprisonblues.mp3g) Folsom Prison Blues
02oldarmsofmine.mp3h) Old Arms of Mine
03words.mp3i) Words
04takeawhuff.mp3j) Take a Whuff
05stoneinmyshoe.mp3k) Stone in My Shoe
06corrinacorrina.mp3l) Corrina Corrina
07shackles&chains.mp3m) Shackles & Chains
08quaich.mp3n) Quaich
09gasolinealley.mp3o) Gasoline Alley
10intermission.mp3p) Intermission
11lonesome.mp3q) Lonesome
12mr.spaceman.mp3r) Mr. Spaceman
13finallyoveryou.mp3s) Finally Over You
14sincity.mp3t) Sin City
15spaceygrove.mp3u) Spacey Grove
16mr.lucky.mp3v) Mr. Lucky
17allthistime.mp3w) After All This Time
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z) Folsom Prison Blues
z) Spacey Grove