b) past & present studio regulars

AlexisIn charge of security at the studio, this girl can handle just about anyone. Dont let the word female throw you for a loop, Alexis controls with just her presence.
AlexisAlexis in her spirit protecting "The Cell".

Rest in peace my little girl
June 1999 to April 5, 2014
Barry WoodI refer to Barry wood as "The Wizard". The man is just crazy smart. Worth every penny, his mastering technique and production advise is absolutly priceless! Check him out at The Other Room. Thanks Barry for all the suport!
Bernie SanchezIn the studio with Jesus Crysler, working his magic.
Bernie SanchezBernie is a great solid drummer and a great sincere friend. A hard hitter with impeccable timing, Bernie has worked at PMR with such fine acts as Jesus Crysler, Engine, Bill Woodcock, as well as G.Berg. When we need a drummer, we know who to call.
Bill HumphriesLaying tracks for the parity Budget Band.
Bill HumphriesBill Humphries is the second drummer for the San Clemente Budget Band taking over for sinisterdub. Bill is truely a great friend and one of the smartest, nicest guys you will ever meet. he has helped us out of many a situations! His mellow demeanor, and his dead acurate advice gives Bill cart blanc access to PMR. We owe Bill big time! Thanx for everything... oh, and thanx for putting up with us (crying) over the years.
Bill WoodcockBill is one huge personality… due way more recognition than he ever received or that we could ever put in this small intro. He is one of the most phenomenal songwriters and personalities we have ever come across. He has laid more tracks at PMR than any other single person has since its inception. Bill and sinisterdub created a long standing friendship that has produced many hours of music and fond memories. We literally could not find a song or type of music that Bill could not sing to. He became the king of Singers & Players. We would draft up tracks and Bill would listen to them once and then yell out…”oh, I got it!” “I’m ready, lets record”. Within a moment’s time he would have all the lyrics, choruses, harmonies, breakdowns, etc. orchestrated in his head and would be ready to lay tracks. Bill would call the studio at all hours of the day and night and just leave long messages of lyrics….. Hours of lyrics… he was a mad man. I don’t think his brain ever shut off. He is a great friend and was a huge influence to the development of PMR and Singers & Players! We haven’t seen Bill in ages… if you see him around, please say hi to him for us!
Bill WoodcockBill Woodcock AKA: W.D. Woodcock, M67… was front and center to such bands as: Axe Fuck, Black & Blue Billy, Unemployed Monkey, Temporary Members, Engine, Bloodshot, and others. Bill was also involved in many Singer & Player Projects, Plastic Ears Projects, New York Rocker Projects, as well as many First Take Projects. In the land of PlasticMeltdown... The Woodcock was king.
Brad DuganBrads another talented music producer and mixoligist. "Czar Rose" material speaks for itself. Check out the album "The Jet Black Pope" and/or "Death Honey" Here.
Brad DuganVocalist for the band XSITE, today Brad has ventured off on his own and formed the band "Czar Rose". Brad is a really nice and great guy to work with.
Brandon ThomasBrandon Thomas never really had any musical talents, but he was one of the first true friends that we met when we moved to San Clemente. He was very interested in the production aspect of the music and could always be found "hanging out" at the studio as an obsever. Brandon went on to film school and has become a top notch producer/director in the film industry. Today Brandon remains one of our best friends and we colaberate occasionally on soundtrack material...Much love Brandon!
Brandon ThomasBrandon Thomas created Azarra Entertainment as his production label with renowned partner Luci Kwak... together they have produced numerous short films and screenplays.
Brett RolandBrett Roland is a phenomenal guitar player and one hell of a super nice guy. Brett has layed tracks for Bill Woodcock, Agrophoria, Temporary Members, Engine, as well as PMR's own Singer & Player projects. Today Brett can be found jamming with the band "The Uprising".
Brett RolandPlaying live out and about
Cara MakuIn the studio laying tracks for Jesus Crysler.
Cara MakuCara Maku has layed vocal tracks for both Jesus Crysler as well as Josh McKendry's solo projects. She can belt out huge Barrelhouse vocals and seems to do it with ease. Very mellow and down to earth, Cara is always fun to work with in the studio.
Casey CzapskiLaying tracks for Jesus Crysler back in the day.
Casey CzapskiJesus Crysler drummer extraordinaire with vocal chops to match, it was always and honor having Casey Czapski in the studio. Check out Casey over at YouTube
Chip JonesLaying tracks for a Gary Kenny project.
Chip JonesChip Jones is one of those multi-talented musicians who can play just about anything as well as compose very catchy tunes. Chip was one of the first people we met when we moved to San Clemente and he is the man who introduced us to many fine musicians such as Gary Kenny and Bill Woodcock to name a few. Last we heard Chip is living in Hawaii...if you see him around, tell him hello for us!
Chris OrrChris Orr flippin the bird...A classic shot taken by the San Clemente PD from inside a squad car in front of the old original Cassano's Pizza across from the pier.
Chris OrrYou'd have to be an old timer San Clemente Local to remember Chris Orr... and if you were, remember back when Chris Orr and Chris Ward were little In separateable groms tearing it up everyday down at the pier? Though Chris was a great friend, he was also a troubled soul who was known to occasionally frequent PMR with the likes of Bill Woodcock & Drew Craig.

Rest in peace my friend... 12/27/1977 to 10/13/2002
Christian FletcherChristian Fletcher used to frequent the studio back in the day, laying bass tracks for his old band "Axe Fuck". It was always a big thrill having Christian around as he was (and still is) sinisterdub's favorite surf hero of all times!
Clay "Anthony" JeffersonOne of the longest running musicians to be affiliated with PMR, Clay "Anthony" Jefferson was one of Greg Berg's closest friends. The two grew up together and were the originators of the "Air Guitar" scene back in the day when they were kids. Believe it or not... Clay used to baby sit for sinisterdub on occasion when the "rents" were away. A Great guy who is always considered part of the family! Rest In Peace My Brother!
Clay "Anthony" JeffersonClay has been involved with many bands and people over the years including: Rik L Rik, Up For Grabs, King Cotton and Junkyard to name a few... an excellent bass, and guitar player. Rest In Peace My Brother!
Cory CaseCory Case was another great singer, songwriter, and performer whom we had the honored pleasure to work with. Cory came to us with his band The Licks and was a complete joy to work with. Working with Cory and The Licks was one of the highlights of our 30 year career of musical end-ever. Rest in peace my brother!
Cory CaseCory will be missed playing and recording his music at different venues and facilities across the country.
Rest in peace my brother!
Daryl ButskoLucky for us, Daryl Butsko is one of the best surfboard shapers to bless San Clemente. Music and surfboards always seem to go good together, and always make good bartering tools during a trade for services. Damn we are lucky to know him!...much respect to the man named Daryl Butsko for the funnest board we have ever ridden!
Daryl ButskoDaryl Butsko has been along time friend of us here at PMR. Usually working with "Harry" Gary Kenney, Butsko has also done a bit of fine solo work. Butsco has great musical taste and is an accomplished guitar player not to mention one of the nicest guys around.
DaveNot sure of his last name, but Dave was the drummer that took over for Taylor Hawkins in the band Sylvia. Dave had some big shoes to fill, and did it pretty damn well. Great drummer and a super nice guy.
Dave PaskowitzDave Paskowitz is an omni presence that has graced the walls at PMR in many capacities. Dave is a strong vocalist / performer who has donated time to PMR's own Singer & Player projects, Gary Kenney projects as well as his own numerous bands and solo projects. Dave is one hell of a guy! I do have to say that we havent seen Dave around in a while and is curious as to how he is doing. If you see him around tell him hi for us!
Dave PaskowitzFront man of such bands as Johnny Monster, Reverend Monster, and Goldfish. Great producer, singer/songwriter, and performer.
Deep sixDeep six is another one of those great songwriters. He has collaberated on and off with Greg Berg for many years and together they have collaborated on some of our favorite songs to date.
Deep Six (with G.Berg)Laying tracks for a PMR/First Take production with PMR mobile at First Take Studios, Venice CA.
Dennis Roger ReedNot only an accomplished guitar player and song writer, Dennis has been known to "dabble" with the bass. Having played bass for the renowned Andy Rau and his current band Country Roots, Dennis deserved his featured write up in Bass Player Magazine.
Dennis Roger ReedDennis Roger Reed has layed tracks for many PMR productions including: Blue Mama, Country Roots, Singers & Players, Budget Band, First Take, as well as his own Dennis Roger Reed Band solo material...Hands down, he's a studio's dream musician/producer/song writer. Highly skilled at his craft, always right on time (almost to the second), dependable, prepared and extremely easy to work with. Dennis is a much welcomed regular at PMR. Dennis Roger Reed
Don ReedJamming in the studio. What an amazing musician. Don has laid tracks for Blue Mama, Dennis Roger Reed, Marty McPhee and Joe Mama. Such an amazing talent!
Don ReedDon Reed can basically play anything with strings to any type of music. Like his brother Dennis, Don is the perfect studio musician...easy to work with, professional, and quick to lay perfectly executed tracks. Don is a great guy whom is always welcome at PMR.
Drew CraigDrew Craig was just starting out in the music scene when we met up with him. Starting off with the bass he quickly began playing guitar as well. Brother of Danny (skumfux) Craig, Drew was great guy. Though he was just learning, Drew layed many a tracks at PMR for his band Morning After as well as Singers & Players, Bill Woodcock, and Chris Orr.
Drew CraigLaying guitar tracks for Singers & Players. Drew ended up moving back to Florida. Hope all is well with him... Should you see him around, tell him hi for us!
Efrain VillalobosLong time friend and newest member of the PlasticMeltdown family, Efrain Villalobos is one of the classiest most debonair people to grace the halls here at PMR. Classical guitarist with a twist of his own unique style is Efrain’s forte, and its something he does very well! As a matter of fact, I will say Efrain’s the only musician who actually gets paid well to play gigs… and he is worth every penny! It’s an honor to work with Efrain and we are so glad finally got him to perform in the studio on a regular bassis.
Efrain VillalobosIn the studio working his magic for his forth comming CD.
Ellis SchwiedWe met Ellis Schwied back in the early 90's when he was brought in to lay fiddle tracks for Dennis Roger Reed's "Under Cover" project. Today, Ellis is the "king of the beat" here at the studio and out at live shows adding his flawlessly executed spark to such bands as Blue Mama, Dennis Roger Reed Band, and Country Roots...just to name a few. Ellis is a brilliant performer and alway a pleasure to have in the studio!
Ellis SchwiedArriving at the studio, ready to lay tracks...
EndraIn the land of the hungry, the one toof is king!
EndraThe new gaurdian of the throne
EricNot sure of his last name, but MA used to bring Eric in occasionally to lay bass tracks for Itions. Eric is a rock solid bass player. He would make bass playing look so effortless with his layback style of playing.
Ernest "EJ" JohnsonEJ is one awesome drummer...His ability to play any type of music from rock/punk to jazz/reggae made him an ideal studio drummer... and one of our longest running studio drummers at that! He has layed tracks for: Itions, Tony Alva, G.berg, First Take, Singers & Players, Bill Woodcock, Harry Gary, Irieturn, and probably others that slip the mind right now. He has also been Jamming with Josh McKendry in a little experimental band they have going. EJ is always a welcomed force at PMR!
Ernest "EJ" JohnsonThe classic shot taken after laying tracks for Singers & Players.
Francine ForeseTaking five at First Take Studios Venice, CA.
Francine ForeseFrancine Forese was a great singer/songwriter/guitar player who has worked with the Greg Berg Crew for many years. Francine has also been used in many Singer & Player projects here at PMR. Talented, Beautiful, and just plain nice! we miss Francine.
Gary Kenney“Harry” Gary Kenney was a key force in many PMR’s Singer & Player projects, First Take projects and PEP projects. He fronted such bands as Chicken Pick, and Dirty Magazine. He crafted elegant very technical solo projects, and worked with many talented musicians. His brilliant composition got him teamed up with Jon Anderson of “Yes” fame for a stint when Mr. Anderson took up a short residency at the historic Beachcomber Hotel above the pier.
Gary KenneyArtist extraordinaire and CEO of Home Plant Studios, Tunnel Vision and Biggy G Productions… Gary is another one of those super multi-talented people. We could never figure out how he achieved the time to accomplish so much with so many hobbies. Gary is one of our best friends. He is a no bull shit, man of his word type a guy... and that goes along way in our book. Gary has done a lot for us over the years, and we will always appreciate and value his friendship!
Gavin DayGavin Day is a great bass player who came in to lay tracks for Seal Rock / Second Hand Smoke.
Gavin DayLaying tracks in the studio.
Gil MoraGil Mora played bass and layed tracks for the band "Agrophoria" with Bill Woodcock and Brett Roland.
Greg BergDocumented as one of the first punks to come out of Orange County back in the 1970's (see: The Sensationalistic Saga Of Punk Rock In Surf City at Trakmarx) G. Berg has worked with PMR since its inception, producing, writing, and performing.
Greg BergG.Berg playing bass.
Greg CohenGreg Cohen was a member of the band The Movement…a very popular Orange County band back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and then joined forces with The Itions crew. Greg was another one of those guys full of talent. He could sing, play keyboards, bass, guitar, and probably anything else you put in front of him. He fit in with PMR’s Singers and Players perfectly and laid many a tracks for just that. He was a great friend. Greg ended up moving to New York to attend college to become a doctor. For a short period of time after his move, Greg and sinisterdub would still conspire musically sending tracks back and forth via snail mail. We dubbed those sessions the “New York Rocker” sessions. In the end Greg disappeared… we still think about him occasionally when we listen back to those old songs. We hope he is rich and happy and has achieved his goal of becoming a doctor. If you’re out there Greg, hit us up and let us know how you’re doing!
Greg CohenLaying tracks for The Itions
Hans SylstraHans Sylstra was the great vocalist and keyboard player for the band Seal Rock / Second Hand Smoke.
Hans SylstraLaying tracks in the studio.
James BerrySetting up for the Budget Bands 2009 show in which Jim sings lead vocals. We have known Jim for along time and finnally got to work with him musically!
Jamey HolbrookJamey laying down tracks during the much awaited "Be Careful What You Dream" project.
Jamey HolbrookQuiet, and with talent beyond belief, Jamey Holbrook is one of the best bass players we've ever known. He has performed with such artists as Dizzy Gillespie and Stevie Ray Vaughan to name a few. Professional and always prepared, Jamey would be this studio's first choice in any bass musical ventures. It's another case of luck for us when Jamey's in the studio.
Jeff PopenhagenWhen PlasticMeltdown up and relocated from "Surf City" to "Spanish Village By The Sea" (circa mid 1980's), Jeff Popenhagen was one of the first driving forces to begin laying down tracks. Jeff was a rock solid self taught bass player at the age of 17. Jeff's solid playing and musical style were so unparalled that he quickly became one of the first artist to become an official PMR studio musician, laying bass tracks for the likes of Greg Berg/FirstTake, Bill Woodcock, and many PMR Singer & Player projects as well as his own "Inspiration Underground" and the renowned "Jesus Crysler" projects.
Jeff PopenhagenFor a time, and probably still to this day, Jeff "popy" Popenhagen was declared legally 5150 and during the 90's lived right next door to the old PMR studio. When Jesus Crysler broke up the second time there seemed to be a year long lull in the music by which Jeff and sinisterdub would lock themselves in the studio every night to play PS2. Jeff was a killer at gaming and had no mercy. Everything from "Need for Speed" to "jet Moto" to "Twisted Metal" Jeff would kill it. It would go on this way every day until "Tekken Two" came out...then the tables turned. sinisterdub found and became "Jun Kazama" and was from that point on...undefeated! Have you ever seen Jun Kazama fight to her full potential? She is unstopable once you get her going. There were times when Jeff would become so enraged at loosing he would storm out of the studio in a tantrum. We had to quit playing the game just to remain friends.... We miss those days Jeff! But its always good to see you still around town....Friends for life!
Jim SmetonaPerorming for the 2009 Budget Band, Jim Smetona has been a friend to us for many many years... we love ya Jim!
Joe MamaTakin' a break and feelin' good... Known for never putting his guitar down, Joe Mama can be found tweekin' the strings all through the day and into the night for days and days on end.
Joe MamaA highly dedicated musician with the chops to prove it, Joe Mama never ceases to amaze me. Top notch musicianship with a great sense of prduction values. Another highly welcomed regular at PMR.
JohnNot sure of his last name, but John played keyboards for MA with "Sons of Thunder" and "Itions" for a period of time. John also worked with Peter Dobson on a few sessions in the studio.
John "Spanky" McIntyreSpanky was the second drummer to take over for Blue Mama when sinisterdub resigned from the position. Not only was he an excellent drummer, but he could also sing beautiful harmony backround vocals. He was a very talented fun guy to work with. Spanky has since moved away and we havent heard from him since... hope all is well with him.
John "Spanky" McIntyreSpanky laying tracks in the old drum room for the second Blue Mama CD... "Pacific Street"
John DissedThe rock solid guitar player and leader of the band Bull Lee, John Dissed is definately one huge talent... not only for his musicianship, but also for his production value and directional vision for the band. We look forward to getting John back in the studio to finish what we started and then start some more!
John DissedLaying tracks for the up coming new Bull Lee release.
John SotterLaying tracks in the studio... check out John at:

or do your own online search.... there are pages and pages of results for John!
John SotterJohn Sotter has been an on and off regular here at PMR for a very long time. John is by far one of the hardest working perfomers in the field today. A great song writer, John can also perform in the production and engineering seat, having started his own record label & recording studio "Wookie Wook Sounds"... Eclectic as all hell and talent beyond belief, john is another one of those guys who can pick up just about any instrument and play it with full confidence. We have been blessed to know and collaberate with john thoughout the years, and look forward to just that in the future!
John StaryJohn Stary aka "Fingazz" was another amazing talent to grace the halls here at PMR. John can do it all... Production, engineering, songwriting, instrumentation... He is the man! Known for his keyboard and "talkbox" talents, John is a great guy to collaborate with... lots of fun, and easy to work with, John is an all around great guy.... always welcome back in the studio.
John StaryJohn has layed tracks for Goldfish, Enyta, and his own solo projects. Today John can be found in the Inland Empire, running his Street Light Music Production.
Johnnie SageLaying tracks for an "Up For Grabs" project. Johnnie is an excellent guitar player who has jammed with the likes of Ammentorp, The Joneses, The Mau-Maus and Christian Death.
Johnnie Sage (with lefty)Johnnie Sage has been on the original line up here since our Huntington Beach days...laying tracks at PMR for best friend Greg Berg for years and continues to do so on and off at present times. Johnnie is a great guitarist/songwriter and has layed tracks for Greg Berg as well as PMR's own Singers & Players. Johnnie has just earned his nursing degree and has moved out of state. Congradulations nurse Johnnie. If your reading this, we wish you all the best....keep in touch!
Joshua McKendryThese days Josh can be found at PlasticMeltdown studios, (pictured here with the KORG D32XD) or at Jasmine Sound Studios working with John Andrew Schreiner. He has also been working hard on his own label... "Tritone Revolution Productions".
Joshua McKendryWhen PlasticMeltdown up and relocated from "Surf City" to "Spanish Village By The Sea" (circa mid 1980's), Josh McKendry was one of the first driving forces to begin laying down tracks. A phenomenal guitar player at the age of 17, Josh's Guitar playing and musical style were so unparalled that PlasticMeltdown would literally clear its schedule to accommodate Josh throughout his stint with such bands as "Inspiration Underground" and the renowned "Jesus Crysler".
Joshua PaskowitzJoshua Paskowitz is one huge persona with big larger than life vocals. The guy can sing! PMR was always blessed when Josh was in the house belting out tracks. Josh has been involved in many bands, from Jesus Crysler to The Flys, and then some. A super nice guy!
Joshua PaskowitzChillin in the studio ... trackin with Crysler
Justin ValdezJustin Valdez came in from time to time laying tracks for his band DA-8.
Kennie LevieLive party with the Band TENSION.
Kennie LevieKennie Levie was the lead vocalist and sax player for the band TENSION with Greg Berg back in the pre-MeltDown days.
Kevin PopePondering over track playback at PMR.
Kevin PopeA great drummer for the band Bull Lee, Kevin Pope is super nice and fun guy to work with. We are looking forword to working with Kevin when Bull Lee comes back in the studio to lay more tracks for the upcoming release by this phenomenal band.
Kyle EnglesListening back to tracks from a Gary Kenny session.
Kyle EnglesKyle Engles is yet another one of those multi-talented musicians who can play just about anything. A super nice guy and fun to work with, Kyle has partnered with Gary Kenny on many music productions. Today Kyle can be found jamming with a reggae band. Much respect to the man named Kyle.
Larry MooreThe founding and current bass player for the San Clemente Budget Band Larry Moore has taught us more than any other human being. Back in the day before PMR was computerized, we were scared to even turn on a computer because we didnt know how to properly shut one down... Larry not only saved my life (thats another story) but he also spent years training me to become computer literate. As a mater of fact, we can now claim to know "everything there is to know about computers" (inside joke!) huh Larry? A great man and a great friend, we owe Larry everything, and appreciate all he has done for us.
Larry MooreLarry Moore, with DRR in the studio, practicing for a Budget Band performance
Lawerance KingLawerance King was another Greg Berg conspirator having layed vocal tracks for both Greg Berg and Simon Georgiou... a super nice friendly guy!
Lawerance KingTaking five between sessions.
Marci ValdezLaying backround vocal tracks for the band Unemployed Monkey.
Mariana NelsonMariana Nelson came in to PMR back in the mid 1980's as one of the joint singers for the band Insperation Underground. Shy, and extremely the begining the soft spoken Mariana's intimidation of the studio and the people in it made for very frustrating recording sessions in relation to sound levels and performance. Lots of coaching from bandmates Onay Weaver and Josh McKendry, transformed Mariana into someone who has layed down some of our favorite songs to date... It was a joy to be apart of that transformation!
Mariana NelsonPondering over tracks at PMR... Have not seen Mariana in ages, but heard she is still around. If you see her please tell her Hello for us!
MarkCant remember his last name, but Mark was a killer death metal drummer.... double kick and the works... fun guy to work with.
Mark Alva (MA)Mark Alva started laying tracks at PMR in the late eighties for such bands as "Sons of Thunder", "Itions", and "Second Hand Smoke", as well as participating with Oti's solo projects, PMR's own "Singers & Players", as well as PEP, and New York Rocker projects. MA's conscious lyrics and roots rythems proved that he not only talked the talk, but also walked the walk. A truely dedicated, and upright human being whom PMR values as a true friend for life. Last we heard, MA was living in Hawaii. We look forward to working with Mark again when he returns to the mainland.
Mark Alva (MA)Mark Alva was not only a singer/songwriter and guitar player, he could also basically pick up any instrument and play it with full confidence.
Marty McPheeMarty doing what he does best!
Marty McPheeThe studio charmer. always on time and always brings a gift. Marty can blow a harp like no other. I can honestly say i have never heard Marty take a lousy lead live. The guy rocks! The studio is always light hearted when Marty is in it... he's just got charisma!
MasonLaying tracks in the studio... Mason has layed tracks for Axe Fuck, as well as his own projects.
Masonk...this one kills us, we just cant remember Masons last name and he was a good friend. Mason was a killer death metal guitarist. great guy all around! Havent seen Mason around in awhile... if you see him around...tell him hi for us!
Matt HamiltonHanging out listening to bandmates lay tracks for a Second Hand Smoke project.
Matt HamiltonMatt Hamilton has graced the halls here at PMR with his excellent guitar playing abilities laying tracks for Onay Weaver, Mark Alva, as well as the band Seal Rock aka Second Hand Smoke.
Matthew GreenwaldLaying down tracks for a live "Honkies" session.

**Poor old Matthew passed away last weekend 3/3/18. Its a sad time for the PMR family. he will be missed! Rest in peace my brother... rest in peace.
Matthew GreenwaldMatthew is one of the newest hopeful regulars to lay down tracks here at PMR. A super nice guy with killer licks and production talents to boot! Check out his band October County where ever possible! Look for material from PMR with Greg Berg comming out soon?
Micha MullenMicha Mullen was one of those talented surf groms that actually slepted on the floor of the studio for a couple years so he could surf and finish school after his dad moved out of town. During this time, Micha sang on many Singer and Player projects... one of which was featured as a hidden track on the first Blue Mama CD "Saturday Night Suburbia". The track was so hidden, that most of the band did not even know it was there!
Micha MullenTalent seems to thrive in the Mullen family as Micha is the son of John Mullen... another great guitar player. Today Micha is married with children, but continues to surf.
Michael BannisterOne of the greatest people we have ever worked with, Michael Bannister is a solid top notch drummer. Long time friend and cohort of Greg Berg, Michael has layed tracks at PMR for years for both Greg Berg as well as PMR's own Singers & Players. Easy to work with and an all around friendly guy.

Rest in peace my brother... 1950 to 2008
Michael BannisterLaying tracks for "Up For Grabs", Michael Bannister is not only a great performer, but he also competently wears a production hat on occasion. He has played drums for such great bands as Peter Case, The Plimsouls, Four Wheels Down, Burning Sky and Lucinda Williams to name a few.
Michael JamesSinger songwriter supreme… Michael is one of the nicest guys you could ever know. Here he is laying tracks for a live “Honkies” session.
Mike RussellMike Russell was involved in many PMR projects and bands such as: Sons of Thunder, Black-n-Blue Billy, Unemployed Monkey, as well as Singers & Players. Later, after the sad day he moved out of state, Mike created “Four Ear Records” and again partnered up with sinisterdub creating an on again, off again recording project via snail mail called “Plastic Ears Project” or PEP. We would send 4 and 8 track projects back and forth via the mail adding our own parts and doing our own mixes then sharing those with each other…. It was the best of times!
Mike RussellMike Russell was the Captain Beefheart of PlasticMeltdown. We met Mike when sinisterdub was drumming for Sons of Thunder and develop an immediate friendship. Mike fit right in with his unethical way of looking at the music…. He was a track tweaker and an effect virtuosoist. Mike brought life back to the studio, and we created many hours of music together. Working with Mike was one of the high points at this studio. To this day, I still am blown away when I listen back to those sessions. Mike was a great friend and conspirator in music and a great artist. We haven’t heard from Mike in years…. If you’re out there, contact us…lets pick up where we left off!
MrEThis talented lyrical king eats, dreams, and breathes words… in return, song lyrics just spew from this great mind like Niagara Falls. He just can’t help himself as most geniuses can’t… On a serious note, MrE is a great multi-faceted friend and comrade that has talent in performing, writing, as well as production. He has been in the business for years and has a great sense of humor which makes him perfect for our PMR crew. We enjoy working with MrE whenever we can!
Nathan FletcherNathan Fletcher is another great sportsman extreme, who used to frequent the studio back in the day laying guitar tracks down for Bill Woodcock... Nathan was a great guy and lots of fun to work with.
Onay WeaverOnay Weaver was one of the first people we had the pleasure of working with when we relocated the studio to San Clemente. A very talented singer, songwriter and performer, Onay has layed tracks for Inspiration Underground, Loose Groove, PMR's own Singers & Players as well as his own solo projects. An absolutely great friend and unique individual, today Onay can be found living in Oregon.
Onay WeaverHappy as ever, laying tracks in the studio.
OTOti is by far the most incredible drummer... He would lay perfectly timed drum tracks to absolutely no rhythm... he would simply hum the tune in his head and lay the tracks perfect ...changes and all. No bass, no guitar, no click...Nothing! It was always amazing how perfect it was everytime.
OTOti was another one of those guys who could play just about anything. Seen here laying tracks for Mark Alva, Oti has also layed tracks for Greg Berg, PMR's Singers & Players, Second Hand Smoke, Seal Rock, Itions, Sons Of Thunder as well as his own solo projects.
Pall GudgeirssonPall (Paul) Gudgeirsson (seen here blowing harp for the Budget Band) is a highly respected individual for which we have nothing but admiration for the man. We have always felt that in many ways he has been our guardian angel outside the studio walls. Pall is another true friend that we owe many thanx too... Aside from that, Pall is probably the only reason the Budget Band continues to perform just cant easily tell Pall "no".
Pall GudgeirssonVocals, Harp, and Tamberine man for the Budget Band.
Pat CaldwellBodyboard extraordinaire Pat Caldwell has also been known to grace the halls at PMR... usually can be found laying vocal tracks for Gary Kenny. Pat has a really great low baritone vocal that not a whole lot of people can replicate. A super nice guy and good friend in, and outside the studio.
Pat CaldwellListening back to vocal tracks and caught off guard.
Patience Valdeznoodling around in the studio.
Paul (with MA)Not sure of his last name, but Paul played keyboards for MA with "Sons of Thunder" and "Itions" for a period of time.
Peter FreideriksonMuti-talented Peter Freiderikson was a studio machine able to lay drum, bass, keyboard, and guitar tracks on the fly.
Peter FreideriksonPeter Freiderikson goes way back to a pre-MeltDown time when Greg Berg and him were in bands like TENSION. Greg, Peter and I would hit up studio's like "Lucky Dog" in Hollywood and lay tracks. I remember peter would always lay the most tasteful fills and leads on the guitar.... it was sick!
Phil HawkinsPhil pondering over tracks layed during the "Be Careful What You Dream" project due out soon.
Phil HawkinsAlways seemingly flying under the radar, Phil Hawkins is an unsung talent. Easy to work with, phil always provides a tasteful backbeat and utilizes well placed fills. This studio would always call upon Phil for all its drummy needs. Another very welcomed regular at PMR.
Ras PuffJohn aka Ras Puff was the first and longest running studio drummer to bang sticks at PMR. His great sense of humor, upbeat persona, and hunger to lay tracks, not to metion his rock solid drumming, gave him Carte Blanc access to the studio. Puff has layed tracks for the likes of Greg Berg, First Take Studios, Plastic Ear Projects, Bill Woodcock, Itions, PMRs own Singers & Players, his own solo projects, as well as (get this....) a Singers & Players song Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters drummer) sang on.
Ras PuffIn the studio laying tracks for a First Take project. We lost track of Puff when he decided to join the military... it was a hard felt hit to the PMR family... If you see John around... tell him hi for us!
Richard LappinGetting ready to lay tracks for his 3-song demo.
Richard LappinOne of our newest studio regulars, Richard Lappin, was brought into the studio by Dennis Roger Reed whom was hired to produce Richard's 3-song demo. Richard is such a nice, easy to work with, and talented guy. We are hoping to continue to work with Richard on more of his future demos!
Rihner FrankelRihner Frankel played guitar and layed tracks for the band "Agrophoria" with Bill Woodcock and Brett Roland. We have not seen Rihner around for quite a while, but we hope all is well with him!
Riz StoryLaying tracks in the studio, Riz has layed tracks for "Sylvia Dreams Of Angels", "Sylvia", and PMR's own Singers & Players. Today Riz can be found traveling the world with his band "Anyone"... Check him out at IMDB
Riz StoryThere is just one word that describes Riz Story and that word is "genius"! Production, engineering, singer, songwriter, performer... there is nothing this guy can't do. Give this guy a set of NS10's and you have a mad scientist on your hands, always pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box. It was more than an honor working with Riz, we learned a lot from his technique and style... Genius indeed!
Rusty GilletteLaying tracks for Dennis Roger Reed... Check him out on youtube at Rusty Gillette
Rusty GilletteRusty Gillette is an amazing talent! Percussionist extraordinaire, Rusty has layed many percussion and keyboard tracks for both Blue Mama and Dennis Roger Reed. Rusty belongs to and performs with many ethnic tribal drum groups nation wide. A truely great and super nice guy, it is always a pleasure to have Rusty in the studio as he is so amazing to just watch!
SamNot sure of his last name, but Sam has been in the studio numerous times laying guitar tracks for Bill Woodcock.
SamIn the studio laying tracks with Pete, Colby & Doug for Bill Woodcock.
Sandy MackeySandy was one of the best keyboard players to grace the halls at PMR. Listed under the "Slapback" credits as "Joe Magnano", Sandy was a huge personality with a great sence of humor... A super nice guy who is always welcome back at PMR.
Sandy MackeySeen here with Gary Kenney, has layed tracks for Goldfish, Slapbak, Dave Paskowitz, Gary Kenny as well as PMR's own Singers & Players.
Sean MurphySean was a regular at PMR during the early 90's laying down tracks for such bands as Itions, Irieturn and Sylvia. He was also known to do a few solo projects as well as lay tracks for PMR's own Singer and Player projects. May he rest in peace.
Sean MurphyAnother phenomenal guitar player to grace PMR, Sean Murphy was the king of eerie ambience and tastefully executed fills as well as wicked leads. Sean's playing brings new meaning to the phrase "sends shivers down ones spine". A great guy, humbled, and very easy to work with in the studio. His spirit is always welcome back at PMR! RIP!
Simon GeorgiouLaying tracks for a Greg Berg project.
Simon GeorgiouSimon Georgiou was another Greg Berg Collaborator. An excellent bass player, singer/songwriter, Simon was a great nice guy to have in the studio. If you ever see Simon around, tell him hi for us!
sinisterdubSelf proclaimed son of Screamin' Jay Hawkins and heavily influenced by Adrian Sherwood and Lee "Scratch" Perry, sinisterdub is our longest residing production engineer. Anal-retentive, pestering, and always packing heat, it is rumored that he once fired a live round in the studio at Jamey Holbrook during a Mike Dowling session. Even though the track was suposedly erased, many claim they can still hear the shot on the "Cowboy Blues" CD.
sinisterdubLayin tracks with Mark & Tony Alva during an Itions session. Photo by Mike (PEP) Russell.
Sky WeaverHanging out listening back to tracks.
Sky WeaverSky Weaver is another very talented singer who brought his bands "Ambrose" and "Loose Groove" into the studio back in the day. Sky is a great friend who is always pleasure to work with. If you see Sky around... tell him hi for us!
Sonia HayesSonia has appeared on such fine prjects as "Saturday Night Suburbia", "Pacific Street", "Be Careful What You Dream" as well as the upcoming new Dennis Roger Reed project.
Sonia HayesSonia Hayes is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and has the vocal chops to match. We have been blessed with Sonia being part of the PMR family for some time now. Se has layed vocals down for Blue Mama, Dennis Roger Reed, and Joe Mama. She is always first to come to mind when female vocals are needed.
Steve AustinSteve Austin was another quick thinker that could put lyrics to music rather quickly. This trait gave Austin the power to involve himself in many Singer & Player projects at PMR.
Steve AustinSteve Austin is a big talent with a powerful voice. He fronted bands like Dirty Magazine, Grind Zone, Chicken Pick, as well as many Singer & Player projects. Open to suggestions and easy to work with, Austin was always a good guy to have in the studio.
Steve ZoernerSteve was the original Blue Mama Bass Player. He played on the Saturday Night Suburbia CD as well as a few tracks on the Pacific Street CD. Steve is a talented studio bass player and a great all around person. Have'nt seen Steve for some time now..... Hope all is well.
Steve ZoernerLaying tracks for Blue Mama's Satureday Night Suburbia CD.
Stevie I-TonStevie I-Ton is the brillant "toaster" from the island of Hawaii jamming there with the likes of Wisdom Tree. Friend of TA's, Stevie relocated to California in the late 80's and picked up jamming with us in such bands as Sons of Thunder and The itions. A true Rastafarian by nature, Stevie was a great guy to work with back in the day. We have not communicated with Stevie in quite some time, but it seems he is still around doing what he loves best....
Taylor HawkinsDo we even need to say anything about Taylor Hawkins? I mean (as you know) the guy rips! I will say that it was a complete privilege to work with Taylor. He was such a down to earth nice guy, and so much fun to work with. Congratulations Taylor for the success you achieved! Rest in peace my friend. See you again soon enough.
Taylor HawkinsTaylor has layed drum tracks for Sylvia and has layed vocal tracks for PMR's own Singer & Players. Check out Taylor at Wikipedia or do your own search... he was/is every where! RIP!
Tim GrayTim Gray came to us from "MySpace" bringing with him such bands as XSite, Spiggit, and The Licks. A phenomenal singer, songwriter and guitar playing talent, Tim is one of the few musicians that this sudio would seriously consider financially backing and promoting if we ever got into that part of the business. Tim is a pleasure to work with and is always welcome back in the studio!
Tim GrayToday Tim Gray has gone solo and does most of his own demos at his home studio.
Tim GreenCant say much about Tim Green as he is our emergency management coordinator incharge of emergency management. Seen here relaxing and having a beer during one of his bi-weekly emergency management inspections doing (of course) emergency management.
Tim HorriganGod damn I want to be this guy! So much friggin' talent. Anyone who associates with Tim Horrigan on a musical venture should be counting their lucky stars!! Production, musician, performer ... Brilliant! Nuff said. We are always lucky and greatful when Tim's in the studio.
Tim HorriganRight where he belongs, taking the thrown, and working his magic... Tim Horrigan mixing... is there anything he can't do?
Tollis PompeoTollis was the third drummer for Blue Mama and played a few tracks on the Pacific Street CD. We never really knew Tollis very well, but he was a great studio drummer and a really nice guy. Tollis is now living out of state, but we still communicate via e-mail jokes. We always look forword to his political quote of the day e-mails. Keep em comming Tollis!
Tollis PompeoTollis laying tracks for Blue Mama.
TONANTonan has always been a very pleasent, unique, dedicated friend of PMR's. We have to say that if you want to know what TONAN was like, watch the movie "KIDS" by Larry Clark and check out the character "Casper"..."The friendly Ghost!" That is Tonan to a TEE!
TONANAKA "Tonan The Barbarian" started laying keyboard tracks at PMR in the late 1980's with the band "Sons Of Thunder". We met Tonan on the beach in San Clemente and he quickly introduced us to the Alva crew. As time went on, Tonan became the studio's resident rapper, rapping over many "Singer and Player" projects. we have not heard from Tonan in ages. If you see him, please tell him we said hello!
Tony Alva (TA)TA, seen here with one of his signature "Rickenbackers" has layed tracks on many "Sons of Thunder", "Itions", PMR's own "Singer & Player" projects, many "Inspirational Jam", and "Black-n-Blue Billy" projects, as well as some of his own projects here at PMR.
Tony Alva (TA)Tony Alva is just that.......Tony Alva! Cocky, shrewed, and confident, TA has been part of the PMR family since the late eighties. Renowned for his skating abilities, TA can also play a mean bass, having played with "Junkyard" and "The Skoundrelz" to name a few. ...TA has been a long time permanent friend here at PMR, and though we havent seen him around much lately, he will always be in our thoughts and memories. - Tony... Get your ass back in the studio! Alva Skates
ToshayWe dont remember her last name, but Toshay was one of those uniquely spirited individuals whos vocal and writing talents where used in a few Singer & Player projects here at PMR. We havent seen Toshay in ages... if you see here around, tell her hi for us!
ToshayJust pondering in the studio.
Trisha HanudelThe talented, charming, and beautiful Trisha Hanudel is the lead vocalist for the band Bull Lee. Trisha has this power house vocal that never gets tired... she is amazing. Looking forward to working with her again finishing up this project and moving on to the next and then of course... the next.
Trisha HanudelStealing the thrown and taking charge of the session.
Tyler CaseTyler Case was the brilliant drummer for the bands Spiggit and The Licks. Tyler was a pleasure to work with and such a genuinely nice guy. Tyler is always welcome back here in the studio. Hit us up anytime Tyler!
Tyler CaseNot sure what Tyler has going on these days.
Vick GoddardThe official broadcasting voice at PlasticMeltdown.
Vick GoddardA good friend and rock solid bass player Vick Goddard is an all around great guy. After graduating from broadcasting school Vick soon became the official voice of PMR. Vick has mostly worked with Gary Kenny in numerous bands and PMR projects, though he has also headed up his own projects "The Vick Goddard Show".
Vinnie MateroVinnie Matero played drums and layed tracks for the band "Agrophoria" with Bill Woodcock and Brett Roland. We have not seen Vinnie around for quite a while, but we hope all is well with him!
Waverly ReedWaverly Reed is PMR's resident graphic artist, incharge of design and art production for all of our national releases for Blue Mama and Dennis Roger Reed. She is without a doubt a sweet heart whom can cook the best chocolate chip cookies in the whole wide world! We love you Waverly!
Waverly ReedWife to Dennis Roger Reed, Waverly can play guitar and sing with the best of them. Seen here laying tracks for DRR's Undercover project, Waverly is always a welcome regular at PMR.
Wayne MillerLayin tracks for the second Country Roots demo.
Wayne MillerWayne Miller has layed both guitar and vocal tracks for the band Country Roots. Wayne is a great county vocalist and a super nice guy. We always look forward to working with Wayne in the studio! Check him out with his new band Bakersfield Bound.
Zack DavenportZack Davenport was the very talented bass player for the band The Licks and Spiggit. A great guy, and very easy to work with, Zack is welcome back in the studio any time.
Zack DavenportToday Zack Davenport can be found hittin the books at American University in Washington DC.